Company Life / 🥳 IceRock was born 7 years ago

🥳 IceRock was born 7 years ago

This is our timeline:

➤ 2015 — Only 3 team members. 3 products were released but all turned out non-profitable.
➤ 2016 — Shifted focus on custom development.
➤ 2017 — Started experimenting with KMP and pioneered this technology.
➤ 2018 — Opened a sales office in Moscow to be more available to customers.
➤ 2019 — Worked on big projects: BMW, Crossway, Lada Connect.
➤ 2020 — Became a fully distributed team, learned to work independently and in different time zones.
➤ 2021 — Restructured the company and split large development teams into slots. Established our own corporate university headed by our Chief Technology Officer.
➤ 2022 — Launched another company, in Armenia, to explore foreign markets more effectively. Started our own Campus project that already has over 120,000 users. We intend to promote it on the Brazilian market. So far this year, 8 people have joined our company. There are now 56 of us, and we keep growing!

So this is how 7 years have gone by. They have been memorable, sometimes challenging but always exciting!