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IceRock develops apps for end-users, enterprises and acts as a b2b development partner across various industries. Our process involves your participation at every stage of product creation while we consult and guide you through.

We invite you to intimately participate in the app development process. By understanding the process logic, you can continuously improve and elaborate on your ideas. We ensure a most robust and effective implementation.

  • iOS

    Custom applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV effectively designed and perfectly optimized.
  • Android

    Unique solutions for Android smartphones and tablets, balanced and scaled to support various devices.
  • Web

    Web applications, landing pages, and back-end solutions for mobile apps optimized for peak loads.


Step 1. IDEA

To begin, we listen to your idea, evaluate it, and choose the optimal way to realize the project.


We then research the market and find the advantage that your application has over the competition and we give our recommendations and additions if necessary.


After that we begin the development of a functional and intuitive interface that will be seamless for you and your users.

Step 4. DESIGN

If required we create a unique design that is ideally suited to your specific application.


At this stage we present you with a full prototype of the application.


We thoroughly test the resulting product, evaluate the quality of idea realisation, usability and functionality of the project.

Step 7. LAUNCH

In the end we prepare all the necessary materials to place your application on the AppStore and Google Play.


We will always be ready to help and modify your project at any point following the launch.


We are a small team of specialists from the very heart of Siberia, its tech centre - Novosibirsk. We specialise in mobile application development across Android and iOS. Our knowledge and experience allow us to effectively solve your tasks and create applications of superior quality and usability.

  • Alex Pogrebnyak
    Managing Director
  • Larisa Popova
    Chief Operation Officer
  • Alex Mikhailov
  • Eugeniy Grebenschikov
    Creative Director

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Marina Abrosova

Marina Abrosova


Businesses come to us for a better price point and get quality way above industry average. Having developed several successful products we know the key to success is to believe a project you are working on is for yourself. We choose to voice our concerns and provide solutions that will add value to a product, rather than "develop as ordered". We have learned that your success comes first!

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“We are very happy with Ice Rock’s performance! This team of professionals realized a very complex technical solution on par with world-known brands for taxi ordering services. The apps they developed look stunning, and the back-end system is more than 99% uptime!”
“We challenged Ice Rock with a serious task: develop an app and the back-end that allows purchasing gift certificates and also organize an event by sharing Wish Lists with friends. They implemented all features pixel-perfect and we couldn’t be happier with the result!”
Director @
“The team worked strictly in line with the negotiated terms: they actually did everything just as discussed and agreed upon during our meetings, within promised time frame and budget. I really enjoyed the fact that the team was in touch the whole time during the development process: I was getting timely answers to all my requests. Ice Rock is also great at explaining all technical aspects in layman’s terms. The app performs as requested: snappy, has all necessary features and weighs just a tad”
CEO @ SlimBody Club
“IceRock guys quickly grasped everything I planned to realize in the app and then did it without hand-holding on my part, which I really appreciate. I also liked how the team adjusted their processes to comply with our way or working. If you need a team that adequately adapts to rapidly changing requirements in the environment without rigid specs - Ice Rock is a great partner!”
Slava Kaushan,
CEO @ Kaushan Media


Sovetskaya str. 23, Suite 301, Novosibirsk, 630099, Russian Federation

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