We developed an administrative panel and an application: how we helped to create the first motorcycle sharing service in Russia

12 months

of work on the project

1000+ downloads

on iOS and Android

810 test-ride or rental

applications made from the app


It is unprofitable for many Russians to buy motorcycles: they are expensive, and uncomfortable to ride in the cold season. In addition, motorcycles are considered dangerous - they are often bought by those who are looking for thrills.

In Russia, car sharing is widespread, since it allows you to take a car only when you need it. But there was still no convenient solution for moto-sharing.

It was necessary to think over a service that would simplify the registration of test rides and rentals, ensure the safety of the client and the equipment. It would also create a positive image of the motorcycle as an alternative to the car.



The first test ride and motorcycle rental service in Russia. It combines a telematics module in a motorcycle, an administrative model (administrative panel, CRM, statistics collection) on the customer's side and an application for Android and iOS through which the user makes an application.

Customers register in the application, get verified, choose a motorcycle and apply for a test ride or rental. The information is sent to an online platform, where the client's reliability is assessed. All contracts are signed online.

The telematics system collects and transmits data to the online platform. The manager sees where the motorcycle is, what condition it is in, how careful the driver is. All data remains on the platform and affects the user's approval for the application next time.

Development Process

The system collects travel and driving data. It is used to determine the driver's rating: the following applications will be approved for a careful driver, and it is unlikely for a reckless driver. A scoring system is used to check the driver's documents.

The customer adapted these developments for motorcycles, and we created an administrative lease control panel, developed applications for Android and iOS and integrated them with the scoring system. For six months we have made a backend in PHP and a mobile application with Multiplatform. We integrated it with the motorcycle telematics module and payment system.

We used the Firebase platform to implement the notification functionality. Currently we can notify the client, for example, that there is a need to make a payment. We have a plan to use this technology to implement loyalty programs. The development was finished in time. We also conducted testing using test cases. The cases were compiled according to the technical specification given by the analyst.

The Hardest Part

We faced some difficulties at the beginning: it was necessary to dive into the business processes to understand how to integrate the application with the scoring system.

How we solved these tasks

We were constantly in touch with the customer, trying to find out which data they receive from the motorcycle telematics system and transmit to us.

Vladimir Timonov

Project manager

- We were attentive to the feedback and tried to make the approval procedure more transparent - there were certain problems on this issue. One of our colleagues asked the customer if he was satisfied with the result and what could be done better. Thereafter we discussed all the requests, set tasks and proposed solutions to the customer. We are currently fixing minor bugs. The feedback on the project was positive. I think the very idea of the project is obviously cool. I am confident that the product will be on the charts. I won't buy a motorcycle for 2 million rubles, but I would gladly pay a couple of thousand rubles and ride this one.


Technology Stack


Docker(Docker compose)
PHP (Yii2 framework)
Payments via Best2Pay

Mobile app

KMM (Kotlin Mobile Multiplatform)
Kotlin Gradle DSL
Firebase Crashlytics and Analytics
Material Components (Material Design)
MOKO libraries
MOKO-mvvm under the hood AAC (Android Architecture Components)
MOKO-network under the hood ktor-client with entity generator and Api classes
MOKO maps


In 2020, the system was tested quite successfully. 2500 motorcyclists registered for the service during the motorcycle season closing period. A rental or test ride lasting up to three days was issued 810 times.

The client has planned an advertising campaign, where he will promote the application within the bloggers community. We are making the last minor fixes before we scale the service for the next motorcycle season.


Different motorcycle models can be rented. The rental period is from several hours to several days.

Choosing a motorcycle model, city and lease term

Different motorcycle models can be rented. The rental period is from several hours to several days.

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