All services for vehicles in one application: we improved the Autoconcierge application.

Autoconcierge Alfred is a mobile application for vehicle maintenance. Created for Alfred. Works on iOS and Android.

4.5 Stars

App Store Rating

5 months

of development

More than 10,000

downloads in the Play Market


Car repair is a headache for owners. The process takes up quite a lot of time and money. Official dealerships are expensive when it comes to repairs, so car owners look for car services that guarantee price and quality.

Owners need to negotiate with managers how and when to deliver the car to a specific location. Then they need to look for and buy auto parts, bring them to the service. If they do not fit, then they have to look for an alternative. Service employees, moreover, often disrupt the timing of repairs and impose unnecessary services.



Autoconcierge Alfred is a service that solves any issues related to vehicles.

The client leaves a request for car service in the mobile application. Project employees pick up the car and take it to one of the car services that are project partners. Alfred insures a car in the amount of 6 million rubles, and it does not matter whether the client has a regular insurance. The Autoconcierge takes the car into trust and is responsible for its condition

The car is serviced and returned at a convenient time for the owner.

Development Process

The client had ready-made products: an iOS application in Swift and an Android application in Kotlin. Both were connected to a common Kotlin Multiplatform module, which contained part of the business logic and all the networking.

The client planned to launch an advertising campaign and increase the number of users. Therefore, the application had to be improved: the work on the iOS and Android platforms had to be stabilized and the design improved. We did it in five months. During the evaluation of the application, we found many bugs. For example, the client was not sent cash receipts, it was impossible to cancel a paid subscription to the service, the checkout and payment function did not work on iOS. We fixed the bugs and improved the stability of the application.

During the work, the client’s team tested the application on iOS and Android devices. We were given feedback: everything is in order or the product needs to be improved.

The Hardest Part

The Apple block problem. For authorization from the device, users could not use a third-party profile, for example, a Yandex account. The company demanded to make a “Sign in with Apple” button.

How we solved these tasks

We disabled authorization through Yandex and replaced it with access by phone number.

Aleksey Mikhailov

Project manager

“ The work on the project was flexible, we tried to adapt the product to the needs of the audience. The priority task for us was to solve the problems that users had with the application. “

Technology Stack

Android on Kotlin
iOS on Swift
Common module on Kotlin Multiplatform
Ktor client
Yandex MapKit
Tinkoff Acquiring


The application started working in stable mode, its rating rose: up to 3.5 in Google Play and up to 4.5 in the App Store. The client ran an advertising campaign that tripled the number of users.


The user registers by phone number. In the personal account, they can indicate the brand, model, and license plate of the car. They can also link bank cards to their account.

Personal account

The user registers by phone number. In the personal account, they can indicate the brand, model, and license plate of the car. They can also link bank cards to their account.

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