Crypto investments

Application for crypto investments with the ability to confirm transactions with biometrics

An application for experienced and novice crypto investors. Crypto wallet, analytics, algorithmic and manual portfolio management in one service. Written for iOS and Android.

2,5 years

of work on the project

Decentralized financial instrument

based on blockchain


We had to prepare a multi-platform mobile application that will help experienced and novice investors make money on cryptocurrency transactions.

It was supposed to be a simple client that would integrate popular crypto exchanges and allow the formation of crypto portfolios based on the users coins.



Multiplatform mobile application of a full-fledged cryptobank. The product provides the user with a choice of ready-made portfolios and the ability to form their own. Transactions are carried out by connecting popular crypto exchanges.

In the application, you can manage a crypto wallet through a system of smart contracts.

Transactions are protected by biometrics using standard fingerprint and face scanning in smartphones.

Customer technical support has also been implemented using the Zendesk service module.

Development Process

We had to make the application useful for both beginners and experienced investors. To do this, there was a need to solve two problems:

1. Make an understandable and simple interface for a wide audience.
2. Give professionals a flexible tool that would allow them to create and customize portfolios on their own.

For a wide audience, we have lowered the entry threshold by simplifying the UX and UI. Users do not need to manage complex rates to buy and sell coins. It is enough to connect the exchange so that the system can help a novice crypto investor form a portfolio.

We have provided experienced investors with the opportunity not only to automatically form portfolios, but also to collect and configure them on their own. The application allows you to adjust the ratio of coins in the portfolio, as well as set the rules for rebalancing and its frequency.

The Hardest Part

The customer did not have a clear strategy for creating a product. He provided us with the ideas that were not tested in the focus group, because the customer did not have a product owner. It was not clear without custom development which ideas should be implemented and which should not, so it was difficult to defend what had already been done and limit the customer`s wishes. We had to adapt to changing goals and functions, and redesign more than once.

Our conclusions

We managed to convince the customer that there is a need for a product owner to help him decide on the product strategy. Afterwards, it became clear in which direction to go. However, it was necessary to rebuild the processes, and the best solution was to form a mini team on the customer`s side.

This project showed us how important it is to correctly prepare a product for entering the market. The project should have a product owner who will lead the custom development and determine the direction of development. It is also important to make an MVP in order to test all the hypotheses without the high cost of a real application. We are now firmly convinced that these requirements should be conveyed to customers, otherwise interesting projects may never see the release and both parties will waste time and money.

The project also taught us how to develop in mini-sprints of one to two weeks and constantly synchronize with the customer to be sure that we are moving in the right direction.

Andrey Kovalev


The main reason why this app was never completed is the "perfect startup syndrome". You can sit for a long time, making each screen perfect, while trying to cram in all the features and ideas that are born during the work on the project. But it is impossible to get the perfect result right away, without testing it in practice.
It is much better to prepare an MVP, launch and start getting real feedback from users. And only after that iteration the product should be improved. This is how most of the applications used by millions of people are created.

Technology Stack

Swift language
Kotlin Multiplatform SDK
Support system in the form of a FAQ based on Zendesk


The customer`s request was transformed during the project, and at the last stages, the product owner joined the customer to help him decide on the strategy.

For the strategy implementation, the most optimal solution was a transfer of the product to a mini-team on the client`s side. By this time, we have developed a mobile application for a full-fledged crypto bank with the ability to manage a crypto wallet, confirm transactions using biometrics, and provide advanced technical support.

The product transferred for further development allows the user to select ready-made portfolios, form their own and adjust the ratio of coins in the portfolio, as well as set the rules for rebalancing and its frequency.


Automatic portfolio balancing that redistributes assets based on market conditions and diversifies user risks.

Algorithmic portfolio management

Automatic portfolio balancing that redistributes assets based on market conditions and diversifies user risks.


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