We have built an app for in-house workshops and presentations

This is an app that allows you to hold video conferences and events and facilitate business communication within the company. It was developed for a large European equipment manufacturer, written in KMM for Android and iOS.

4 months of development



To create a dual-language app for in-house presentations and conferences.

The existing solutions lacked some functions, so the client approached us for custom development. They also wanted a custom design in line with the company’s brand book.



We built an app on KMM for Android and iOS designed in line with the company’s brand book.

After signing up, the user gets access to the shared calendar with the scheduled events and their personal calendar.

The app also implements a chat system with group and individual chats. There is also a special chat where you can submit a question for the speaker.

We have enabled push notifications that can be sent to both group and individual chats.

Development Process

Terms of reference. An international company asked us to build an app for in-house video conferences and presentations. The company manufactures measuring equipment for various industries. It needed an app that would help with the training of its employees and partners.

The customer wasn’t happy with the function range of existing apps, so they turned to us for a personalized solution with a custom design.

The customer is based in Europe, and they ordered an app supporting two languages.

Custom design. In addition to a unique set of functions, the customer wanted the app to be fully consistent with their brand book. Standard solutions did not provide for such option.

We drew the screens one by one, making sure that each element down to the font was approved.

Business logic. The key part of the app is the events calendar. It is located on the app’s home page and shows the nearest scheduled events. By clicking on the event you can find out its details: check the schedule, message the speaker, learn the route to the venue, etc.

The calendar allows you to make an appointment with the speaker, add any presentation from the schedule to your personal account, or view photos if the event has already taken place.

After implementing the option to submit questions to speakers, we were asked to add an option for discussing past conferences. This is how chat rooms were introduced. At first, there was only one group chat for all app users, but later we added the option to create individual chats for separate discussions.

This is the function set the customer hoped for but couldn’t find in the existing solutions. Together with the customer, we determined all functions and features, mapped out the architecture, and after that proceeded to development.

The Hardest Part

Custom design. The client’s restrictive brand book was one of the main reasons to opt for custom development. This approach to design required precision and close coordination with the customer’s team.

How we solved these tasks

To save some time, we distributed the tasks. For example, it turned out that the customer’s official font didn’t support the second language. While the customer’s office was approving the new font, we addressed other design elements.

Technology Stack

MPP on Kotlin Multiplatform
Android on Kotlin
iOS on Swift


The completed app runs on iOS and Android. It has an events calendar where any user can view the details of the events, such as presentation topics, speakers, contacts, etc. The user can add any event to their personal calendar to make sure they don’t miss it.

The app also implements a chat system. There is a group chat for all users, and an option to create individual chats with any users. During the presentation, you can submit a question to the speaker in a designated chat.

There are push notifications that can be sent to group or individual chats.


Each user can use their personal calendar to add only those presentations they are interested in. To remind you about saved events, push notifications are used.

Personal events calendar

Each user can use their personal calendar to add only those presentations they are interested in. To remind you about saved events, push notifications are used.


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