Fast payment using a convenient bank: an SDK module for Faster Payment System integration.

Created for Raiffeisenbank. The app runs on iOS and Android.

2 months of development

Minimized dependencies



To develop an SBP (Faster Payment System) payment module to be integrated into the mobile apps of Raiffeisenbank partners with the bank’s logo.



We have developed a module for iOS and Android. When the user scans a QR code to access the payment window, they will see a list of banks from which they can make a payment.

The module includes a bank search feature and displays the user`s recent banks used.

Development Process

Business logic. The customer provides this module to their partners. They integrate the module into their own app’s payment screen for QR code payments.

Once the user scans the QR code, our module opens. It displays an up-to-date list of banks available for payment. The user can search for their desired bank within this list.

All essential details, such as the payment amount and destination bank, are included in the payment link When the user selects a bank, our module redirects this link to the chosen bank in order to complete the payment. The module only receives information about the payment status: successful, error, cancellation, etc.

Module compatibility. The module is compatible with any client app thanks to two factors:

  1. We minimized the number of integrations within the module. It only communicates with the SBP via API to obtain the list of banks for payment.
  2. We adjusted the design of the bank selection window to accommodate various screen formats and orientations, including tablets and phones.

The Hardest Part

To build the module, it is necessary to upload a list of banks for transfers. Due to Apple security requirements this list has to be specified in the app settings file. However, the list cannot contain more than 50 items.

How we solved these tasks

We decided to upload the list of banks during the module’s build phase. We suggest that SDK users—the developers integrating the module into their application—specify the list of applications themselves. They will incorporate a bash command in the build phase to upload and insert the list into the .plist file of their app.

Technology Stack

iOS on Swift
Material Components, Material Design
Android SDK


We have delivered the module to Raiffeisenbank. Now the customer can share it with the partners so that they could integrate it into their apps.

The SDK processes input payment information and suggests a list of relevant banks. The desired bank can also be found through search. The module is independent of external factors and can be embedded in any application.


The module keeps track of up to four frequently used banks and offers them first.

Preferred banks

The module keeps track of up to four frequently used banks and offers them first.


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