SBI Bank

Improved the bank application to give clients access to their accounts from mobile devices

SBI is a family-focused bank: for example, there is a general family account and tasks with bonuses for children. The "Own Circle: SBI Bank" application runs on iOS and Android.

9 months

of work on the project

40+ modules

in the application

5 libraries

and frameworks


It was necessary to finalize the existing application so that the bank's clients could manage their money from mobile phones.

The bank also services children's accounts. Therefore, parental control and reward functions were needed.

The application should provide full access to the management of accounts and savings, as well as help parents in teaching their children financial awareness.



We have developed a gamification system for family account management.

The app has assignments for kids to help them develop their money-handling skills. Parents monitor and confirm the completion of the assignment. After that, the child receives bonuses.

Development Process

The design and technical specifications were already done on the developer's side. Our task was to speed up the development of new blocks. We discussed with the customer the scope of work: gamification and new functionality for children, and also monitoring of the animation smoothness.

According to the customer's request, the capabilities of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile were used this time only for the Android application.

New features were developed and implemented over a period of nine months.

The Hardest Part

The original version of the application had a complex architecture: each function was divided into business and UI modules, so there was a huge number of them. That was interesting, but it took time to learn and then it significantly influenced the integration of new features. Each innovation consisted of many files, which meant hours of development.

It was also difficult to agree on something, because different people and teams were involved in different parts of the application and processes. The first team has the main mobile part, the backend has separate, functions for children are on us, analytics is on the bank's side. Reconciliation of the request sometimes took several weeks.

How we solved these tasks

We abandoned the division of features into two modules and wrote each entirely in such a way as to integrate it seamlessly into the existing architecture. This did not affect the functionality and operation of the application, but we managed to save time on development.

Technology Stack

Language: Kotlin
DI: Dagger 2
Multithreading: RxJava2
Tests: Crashlytics
Other: Android SDK, Retrofit


We added modules to implement missing functions. The application now helps to teach the child financial awareness through the tasks set by the parents. Mom or Dad controls their implementation in the profile.

Tasks with reward

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