We created our own version of Tinder for ski resorts fans.

Snow4u is a dating app for Russian ski resorts, which is built for a startup and runs on both iOS and Android.

10,000 or more

active requests - tested application load

2.5 months

of application development


We had a customer with a startup, who wanted a tool through which everyone could find like-minded people and communicate on ski resorts. Also, there is an ability to receive news about events that take place in a specific location.



We have developed an Android application from scratch. With the help of MOKO-libraries, we created a chat system, just like in Tinder.

Users can register, fill out a questionnaire and like or dislike other people’s profiles. If there is a like match, a chat is created between the users, and they can agree on a joint trip to a bar or for a walk.

In general, chat visitors receive information about events. The application keeps track of the news on the site and sends a link to the chat with a summary of the news.

Later, the customer asked to add chats of cities and an all-Russian chat.

Also, in the application there is a map with ski resorts, where you can find out about routes, weather, etc.

Development Process

We discussed the application objectives with the customer and wrote the technical task. Also, we created the design and then proceeded with the development. In total, we worked for more than 2.5 months.

After completion of each task we carried out testing, and at the end, regression tests and load tests for chats were done. The server has withstood over 10,000 active calls via chat.

The Hardest Part

It was necessary to decide on the implementation of chats. It was possible to connect third-party ones. However, we would have to embed in their code in order to change the design, remove unnecessary functionality and enable the mechanics of likes, as in Tinder. The latter was technically difficult to fulfil

How we solved these tasks

We developed our own dating chat on MOKO-libraries, and then extended the solution to other chats in the application. The customer received the desired design and chat rooms, into which it is easy to integrate Tinder’s dating mechanics.

Yuri Egorov

Project manager

- We had a flexible contract with the customer. Therefore, we decided which function should be developed now, and which could be left for the next stage without unnecessary legal formalities, during the development process. This solution became comfortable for us and for the customer and simplified the development process.

Technology Stack

moko libraries
Yandex metrica


We have developed an application with mechanics that unites people who are in the same ski resort for 2.5 months.

The app hitted the market in 2021. The customer launched an advertising campaign, then users began to register. We are waiting for the opening of the ski season to get feedback.


Resort guests like each other pages. A chat starts between them if they mutually like each other.


Resort guests like each other pages. A chat starts between them if they mutually like each other.


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