The Clock Is Ticking. A Work Time Tracker Added to the Client’s App.

Trebono is a tax calculation application for individuals and legal entities. It has been developed for the company of the same name. The app runs on iOS and Android.

1879 employees use the feature.



Integrate a work time tracking system into the existing app of the client.

Add the ability to monitor this tracking through the admin panel.



We integrated a stopwatch-like feature into the app.

Employees can start the timer by pressing the Start button when they arrive at work. When employees go on a break, they pause the timer by pressing the button again.

Managers can view the statistics of each employee’s working hours and confirm the spent time through the admin panel. Additionally, the panel allows them to view the total spent time of the company for a given period.

Development Process

What the Client had in mind. The client approached us with an existing app for the German market. German employers are widely implementing a work time tracking system to motivate their employees. The client wanted to integrate this feature into their business app and asked us to make it as simple as possible.

Our task was to develop the feature and maintain the app in the future.

Business logic for employees. The app consists of two parts: a user interface for employees and an admin panel for employers.

The part for employees consists of two screens. The first one displays a timer. The system is controlled like a stopwatch. When an employee comes to work, they press Start and the timer starts. They can pause the timer when they go on a break. Before the employee’s spent time appears in the statistics, the supervisor should confirm it through the admin panel.

The statistics of spent time are displayed on the second screen. The employee can see how much time they spent on a specific day, as well as view their statistics for several days or an entire month.

Business logic for employers. We integrated the controls into the existing admin panel. The panel allows supervisors to view the spent time by any employee and approve or reject the recorded worked hours.

Through the panel, supervisors can also see statistics of employees’ working hours for specific time frames or departments, as well as overall company statistics.

The Hardest Part

We had to adjust the calculation mechanism whenever there were amendments to German legislation, which we were unfamiliar with. And taxpayer money was at stake here.

How we solved these tasks

There are no easy ways around this. We thoroughly explored the foreign tax system and delved into the intricacies of laws and regulations.

Technology Stack

iOS on Swift
Android on Kotlin


The work time tracker has been integrated into the client app. Employees can start and stop the timer with a single button press and view statistics of their spent time.

Employers verify employees’ spent time and can view statistics for each individual employee, as well as for the entire company.


The work time counter is started and stopped with a single button.

Simple and intuitive design

The work time counter is started and stopped with a single button.


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