Modern app design adapted for mobile development

IceRock is a mobile app development studio. We have two main teams: the development team and the design team. Both teams work very closely together, which means our designers not only create stunning visuals but also understand how the developers turn them into code. The result is a mobile app that both looks and works great.

6 years of mobile app development, 60+ apps
In-house testers
Real user focus group studies
Forminga Shared Vision for the Product
Before we start our work, we prepare a vision document detailing the project: its goals, challenges, any key features, and the initial design sketches. We form the vision incrementally: we show you how we understand the task, and you make changes if the initial draft has any inaccuracies.
We only get down to work once the document has been agreed. This is important to ensure we have a unified design vision from the very start and minimize the amount of work that needs redoing.
Helpwith Developing your Concept
We can work with you to prepare a technical specification and a design prototype. We will study your competitors, offer you references for current trends, and prepare several design concepts. The one you like the most is the one we will build.
Fasterthan Most Design Studios
In 6 years, we have completed over 60 projects. Over this time we have developed an extensive design system that can be adapted to various tasks. This means that we don’t start our designs from scratch every time. Instead, we use solutions that have already helped us with similar problems.
Sometimes you need a design or even a prototype for a product at short notice, for instance, to hold a presentation for investors. Even if you come to us with a taskjust 2 weeksbefore your deadline, we’ll be able to prepare a visual solution in time.
Designthat Easily Turns into Code
Some designers lack an understanding of how their work will come to life in code. They let their imagination run wild and build a user interface that’s too hard, too expensive, or completely impossible to implement. This forces developers to simplify the UI or completely rework it.
Our design will be ready for implementation by any developer. Our designers collaborate closely with developers and make their designs easy to transform into code.
Focus GroupReviews and Bug Tests
We do a lot of groundwork to make our app attractive to users. This involves focus group reviews and target audience testing.
If you have potential users, we will develop a testing methodology, do the tests, and review the results. User feedback and comments will be taken into consideration in the final product.
To identify bugs, we test our apps in all kinds of scenarios. This is done by our in-house testers.
Interactive PrototypeDevelopment
In addition to design, we also offerworking prototypes.This is an advanced level. The prototype will allow you to test ideas, experiment with the design, and identify errors in the logic even before development starts. It will also make it easier to demonstrate how things are going to work.

Mobile Dev for Window Measurement App

IceRock Development took over a mobile development, completing an iOS build and delivering an Android solution from scratch. They also connected the apps to a web backend via an API.
Head of Marketing, VEKA
Alexey Lazarev, 21 February 2019
"Their mobile app expertise and analytical thinking were outstanding."

End-users are grateful for the improved efficiency the apps’ deliver. IceRock Development provided professional, organized management that aligned individual activities to overarching goals. Measured and thorough, IceRock Development delivered valuable process improvements.

Willing to refer:5.0
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