Development of iOS and Android Applications for Internal Banking Processes and Investments

Helping banks optimize their operations and serve individuals and businesses online


Our Solutions for Actual Businesses

We have experience implementing a variety of projects for the banking industry

Investment management apps
Banking products apps
Upstox is a mobile app for investing and trading. It runs on iOS and Android.
Dynamic information sections
Real-time statistics
Stock exchange ratings
Integrated educational and news content

Developing Mobile Applications to Specification for Banks

Enter the market with a new product
Update your current application
Create your own app instead of a template solution
Increase customer loyalty and reduce churn
Gain a competitive advantage
Develop a banking system for legal entities

Creating Apps from Scratch

We can help you create a high-quality, user-friendly, easy-to-understand product that will engage your audience

  • Analyze competitor apps
  • Analyze the previous app
  • Engage in customer development and create a CJM
  • Do an audit and develop app requirements
  • Discuss terms of reference in detail
  • Develop prototypes
  • Set milestones
  • Create a design in the corporate style
  • Build a backlog
  • Discuss the results of each stage
  • Test the prototype on a real closed audience segment
  • If necessary, refine the app
  • Plan further development

Refining Your App

We can optimize your existing app

Make the app easier to use and add new functions.
Analyze its performance and reduce support and development costs.
Create additional integrations with existing software solutions.

Building MVP Prototypes for Banks

We will create a product with just enough functions to test the hypothesis. Based on the results, you will be able to make a decision on whether to take development further.

Our offer

We will suggest an option allowing for a quick start with minimal investment of money and time

Price:$ 18 000+
Time frame:3 months+

Setting Up Required Functions

  • Transfers and payments
  • Investment management
  • Account and financial management
  • Registering new products without visiting the office
  • Forming and signing payment orders
  • Taxes, fines, utility and mobile payments

Creating a Secure Product Users Will Trust

We use modern security approaches in our work:

  • Data encryption
  • Role-based access control
  • Two-factor authentication
  • The Face ID facial recognition system
  • The Touch ID fingerprint scanner
  • External audits by data security experts
  • Storage of personal data in accordance with legal requirements

What Customers Say about Us

Mobile Dev for Window Measurement App

IceRock Development took over a mobile development, completing an iOS build and delivering an Android solution from scratch. They also connected the apps to a web backend via an API.
Head of Marketing, VEKA
Alexey Lazarev, 21 February 2019
"Their mobile app expertise and analytical thinking were outstanding."

End-users are grateful for the improved efficiency the apps’ deliver. IceRock Development provided professional, organized management that aligned individual activities to overarching goals. Measured and thorough, IceRock Development delivered valuable process improvements.

Willing to refer:5.0
Read full reviewonClutch

Two App Dev Projects for IT Services Firm

IceRock was the development team for two Native mobile apps, both available on iOS and Android. The team used Swift, Java – for mobile developing and Node.js, PHP for backend development. They continue to provide ongoing support.
CEO, Trend Technologies
Alex Voytov, 06 September 2017
"IceRock delivers good quality when it comes to mobile and backend development."

Users have said the application is easy to use and provide regular feedback. IceRock is praised for their strong communication skills and solid deliverables. They have been referred many times to others looking to develop an app as they have been reliable partners.

Willing to refer:5.0
Read full reviewonClutch

Mobile App Development for Home Improvement Store

IceRock Development handled the end-to-end development of an employee training app using an internal competency model. They created an admin panel and features for answering questions and attaching files.
Director of Personnel, Leroy Merlin Russia
Anna Frolova, 28 July 2018
"IceRock Development’s team was highly communicative and reacted immediately to our feedback."

Preliminary user testing highlights the app’s usability. IceRock Development’s professional and flexible approach to their work leads to top-quality results, though they could improve by providing more information during the initial discussions.

Willing to refer:5.0
Read full reviewonClutch

iOS/Android Redevelopment for Connected Car App

IceRock Development handled the end-to-end development of an employee training app using an internal competency model. They created an admin panel and features for answering questions and attaching files.
Project Department Director, Smart Driving Lab LLC
Andrew Kudryavcev, 18 February 2019
"IceRock Development was a flexible partner and understood our goals thoroughly."

The updated app experienced an increase in sales and customer loyalty. IceRock Development communicated well across a variety of platforms and ensured each side was on the same page. Customers can expect to work with a committed team.

Willing to refer:5.0
Read full reviewonClutch

Mobile App Dev for Blockchain & Data Verification Company

IceRock Development built a mobile application that verifies the authenticity of high-value products and goods. Their team developed the application for iOS and Android platforms. The app is now live. the review
COO, ENDO Blockchain Protocol
Nikita Bragin, 13 November 2018
"IceRock Development focuses on their customers."

The app is available for download. IceRock Development’s work quality and speed are noteworthy. Their team is prompt and communicative. Customers can expect a skilled team dedicated to satisfying their client.

Willing to refer:5.0
Read full reviewonClutch

Speeding Up Development with Our Expertise in Kotlin Multiplatform

We use Kotlin Multiplatform, which allows us to write business logic for two platforms at once. This reduces development time and saves you money.

Optimize development using shared code for iOS and Android

Reduce development time and launch your product on time

Standard time frame: ~4 months

Guarantees Provided

Free error correction*
An app guaranteed to fully correspond to your terms of reference

*3- to 6-month warranty depending on the project

We Stay with You after the Project Launch

We can participate in the long-term development and support of your product

  • Creating a product development roadmap together
  • Prioritizing features
  • Devising a release map
  • Starting development
  • Implementing new features as the project grows
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