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Element is our smart system that enables cars to be controlled remotely. It helps you monitor a car’s health, save on car insurance and gas, and collect statistics on your driving style.

Element consists of a device installed in your car together with an app that allows the driver to keep track of the car’s health.

Made for Smart Driving Lab. The app runs on iOS and Android.

Lighting control
Engine preheater control
Trunk opening/closing
Viewing statistics on driving and fuel consumption
Our Principles
At IceRock, we follow several principles when developing our apps. They help us create quality products that truly meet our customers’ needs — even when we have to think outside the box.
We use secure protocols
for data transfer and fully test our apps to protect customers from malicious activities and keep your reputation spotless.
We cover responsibility for missed deadlines
in our agreement, so you can plan your internal and external product launch operations without any doubts.
We use
Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, so you spend less time and money on app revisions and updates.
We provide quick and viable prototyping
covering the key functions in a short time frame. Learn more — here.
We study our competition and target audience needs
so your app stands out from the crowd.
We develop business logic for both iOS and Android from the get-go
you won’t have to wait for logic to be developed for the other platform or pay for each platform separately.
We leverage our experience
in the IoT market: we are happy to prove our expertise and can guarantee high quality standard of your app.
When is the best time to order an app?
At the concept stage — order an MVP and test it
When you’ve decided to create the app — and all that’s left is to implement it
When the app already exists but needs updating and upgrading
4 months
from start to release
From $ 25 000
baseline cost
2–4 months
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Why IceRock?
Here at IceRock, we are experts in developing IoT applications using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. KMM helps us tackle a wide variety of tasks: in our six years in business, we have implemented over 60 large projects.
We’ve been one of the highest-ranked mobile app developers since 2017, and in 2020 IceRock was named one of the top B2B contractors in Russia.
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