Integrate Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile into your project

Write the business logic for both platforms once and save your time and money

How to use KMM

You made an app or you have just started building it. Your app will be used across two different platforms: Android and iOS.

Your Android and iOS app has complex business logic with a simple UI (e.g. offline synchronization).

You have an Android app with Kotlin, but you need urgently to release an iOS version using recent progress.

In addition to KMM integration, we also support you during the switching to KMM

Who can use it?

Your developers are aware of this technology and have already tried it

They need our expertise

We have:

Your developers have only heard about this technology, but have not tried it yet

They need our training

We can:

The benefits of integrating KMM

You can potentially save up at least 1/3 of your budget

Improving the developers productivity and connecting them to other projects simultaneously

A 25% acceleration of development and the ability to implement a new feature quickly and easily on two platforms at once

IOS and Android developers have a common ground

Switching to KMM

The results of our work


An app for online cooperative games and communication. Available on iOS and Android.

The result: we created a common code which integrates with the iOS app. The common code is based on the Android version, which was already written in Kotlin. This gave the client two apps with common logic, without interrupting work on the Android app's functionality.

3 days


3 months


> $40000

The results of our work


Streaming service for football. Available on iOS and Android.

The result: we conducted an audit. They made the common logic themselves and connected it to their Android- and iOS-apps. Then they came to us to get an expertise.
Conduct an audit

3 days



The results of our work


An app for searching for professionals in different fields. Available on iOS and Android.

The result: we helped to transfer the business logic from the Android app to the multiplatform. They described this process in details on in step 3.
Analysis and plan

2 days


couple weeks

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